QX Explainer Video

The first in a series of three 2D animation explainer videos for QX, a global company providing accounting, recruiting, and other complementing services worldwide. The challenge I faced in this particular project was developing the expression engine for the character, Nigel. For this video, I decided to use a grainy texture for the shadows and opted for a muted color palette.

The process started with a brief from the client, explaining their needs. Following the client's approval of the script, a storyboard was drawn to help them better understand the output. This was followed by creating a style frame for both the character (Nigel) and the environment, along with the intended color palette.

Since it was a 2D character animation, I constructed a rig to facilitate the character's movement for the final animation. Additionally, I designed sets of environments in accordance with the storyboard. All of these elements came together to create the final animation, which was then enhanced with sound effects and music.

Videowala Productions