Samsung India: Circle to Search

The new "Circle to Search" feature, launched on the latest Samsung S24 in partnership with Google, inspired a global campaign with Samsung creating a series of visual effects shorts across various countries. For the Indian segment of this campaign, the iconic Qutub Minar in Delhi was chosen as the backdrop. Anicipate Agency approached me to take on the thrilling task of crafting a vibrant display of colors and marigolds, enhancing the beauty of the Minar. The footage obtained offered an ideal canvas for this artistic endeavor.

Leveraging Cinema 4D’s advanced particle simulation capabilities and Redshift's powerful rendering, we achieved a photorealistic effect that captivated the audience. This project was a testament to the seamless integration of technology and creativity, producing visually stunning results that resonated with viewers globally.
Cheil India

Production House:
Vikas Maurya Films

Vikas Maurya

CG Production:
Anicipate Creative Studio

CG and Simulation Artist
Parth Gupta

Animation TeamAishwarya Chaudhari
Siddharth Modi
Warren Correia
Arunprasath M
Neerav Doshi