Kadak: A Devanagari Typeface


Kadak (n. strong) is a devanagari Display typeface, having a bold visual form, which makes it perfect to use in impactful branding and powerful visual communication in devanagari script.

The typeface started with a very basic idea in mind, of making a very high contrast font in devanagari script. Inspiration came from Serif typefaces like Didot and Bodoni and sans serif typefaces like Futura Extra-bold, DIN condensed and Bebas.

To achieve this, the creative process began with a flat nib pen, carefully crafting the initial form of the typeface to achieve the desired contrast ratio. Subsequently, Adobe Illustrator was used to refine the typeface, adding graceful curves and thoughtfully adjusting the kerning. The result is a typeface that adheres to a balanced blend of strictness and playfulness.

This typeface follows a strict yet playful constraints within the makings of it.