Videowala: Website Design

The main objective of this project was to create a website to showcase the work of a Film Production Company based in Ahmedabad, in as minimal and strong communication as possible. As there was no previous website for this firm, it started with a clean state, initiating the process by determining the exact requirements of the clients in terms of the content they want to display on the website. Being a film production company they required a website that would be visual and showcase the moving content properly. 

The branding of the firm provided us with a vibrant colour palette and the triangles from within the logo acted as a repeating element throughout the website and in turn tying it all together. The design of the website made sure that the content : i.e., the videos and films were the main highlight and didn't hide behind the vibrant aesthetics of its branding. Few small interaction were also added to initiate exploration from the audience of the website, while again not interfering with the main content.
Videowala Productions